Getting to Know Us

If you love it, locate it!®

Based in Orange County, CA, we are all about connections! We’re talking about “Connecting” to people, to our pets, and to “things” that make a difference in our lives. No question about it – we are a highly mobile society and by “Linking People through Technology” our family of GPS locators will help you optimize your ability to stay connected to those people and “things” that you love. Our job is to take the complexities of emerging GPS location device and wireless technologies and deliver a simple, easy-to-use location solution that will optimize your ability to stay connected and to coordinate with your business and family – whatever is important to you!

The company was formed in 2005 and sprang from the need of our Co-President and Chief Development Officer who, as a single parent, wanted to know where his young son was – even when he couldn’t be there. Being a wireless technology developer, he decided that there just had to be a better way. His son is grown and the technology has advanced to the point that we are now able to help you connect with the people and things you care most about. We thank you for looking at our products and we promise to deliver the very best location devices available in the market – today and in the future!

We are a publicly traded company under the symbol: LBAS.