Autism Awareness Month: Lorrie Servati’s Story – Part 2

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by Admin

We invited Lorrie Servati, from Nathans Voice to be a guest blogger during Autism Awareness Month. In Part 1 Lorrie shares with us some things to remember around the subject of wandering. In Part 2 Lorrie and shares her personal PocketFinder experience.

Lorrie and Nathan’s PocketFinder Experience

Lorrie and Nathan's Picture

“Using the latest satellite and GPS technology, the PocketFinder will provide your family with a sense of security in being able to know where your loved one is, at any given time. The PocketFinder is a small enough device, making it ideal for carrying it on a key chain or lanyard, in a pocket, backpack or purse.

Enjoying “Rechargeable” Peace of Mind

We live a few houses just off a major street and when our son is out playing with his friends, my husband and I can hook the PocketFinder to his belt loop and remind him of our safety rules. Knowing that our child’s location is easily accessible gives us a “rechargeable” peace of mind.

I recently used the PocketFinder GPS locator device when I accompanied Nathan on a school field trip. I had placed it in his pocket and let him move about just a short distance ahead of me with his friends. It was extremely reassuring when I found that I could rely on the accuracy of the PocketFinder.

GPS App Snapshots

I also love that you are able to keep track of your loved one by setting up a designated zone, receive alerts when the child or adult cross in or out of the designated zone and take the necessary action to protect him or her from eminent disaster/danger. You can choose to receive your alerts via text messages or through email notifications, whichever way is most convenient for your family.

With so many applications, I would recommend the PocketFinder it to anyone!”