Donating GPS Locators for Middle School Science Project

Posted on: January 31st, 2012 by Admin

The list of applications for PocketFinder GPS location devices grows with each new activation. Thanks to a team of Middle School students and teachers, that list of applications is soaring sky-high…literally.

High-Altitude Balloon Project

Middle School students and teachers at Forestview Middle School in North Central Minnesota will be attaching PocketFinders to high-altitude balloons that they will launch into the sky. A team of engineers and science teachers are helping students learn how to launch these balloons and their payload.

Project Goal

The goal is to send these balloons up into the sky to monitor all kinds of different things and to record footage from high altitude. At some point in the launch, the balloons will pop and parachutes will deploy, bringing the payload safely back to earth. Then the team will use PocketFinder GPS devices to follow and locate the payload with the iOS app and from the website. GSM and satellite signals mean additional reliability in remote places as well.

GPS Locators for Retrieval Phase

The team is very happy to use PocketFinders to help retrieve the payloads because it’s very likely that they will land many miles away. PocketFinder devices are perfect for this project because they will withstand the extreme altitudes, temperatures and weather conditions. The devices are waterproof, weatherproof and will be just fine at high altitudes.

Progress Update

The latest update is that the team has agreed on their payload design. Each group presented a design and then the whole team voted on which design they felt would be best for the project. They plan to start building the payload next week.

We will post more news and pictures highlighting their preparation, launch and retrieval. Good Luck!