KCAL 9 Features PocketFinder

Posted on: April 6th, 2012 by Admin

Jennifer Jolly on KCAL 9

Jennifer Jolly is on the move again! This time she stopped by KCAL9 and featured PocketFinder® as well as some other handy innovative products and tips.

Jennifer shares information about the PocketFinder Personal GPS device. “It’s about the size of a cookie, you charge it up, and slip it into a backpack, a pocket, or a car. And you can track, a person, a pet, or even your luggage.”
She continues telling the KCAL 9 hosts about her recent luggage recovery because she used a PocketFinder GPS locator two trips ago. “I found it before they did! I travel a lot, and when the airline loses my luggage, inevitably it will happen when you travel as much as I do.”

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Check out the segment if you were not able to catch it live on television.

Incredible Features

She was asked about some of the specifics when it comes to family coordination. “You can’t turn it off, and you charge it up every two to three days. And what is really great is that you can set zones. So if the kids go out of a certain zone you get an alert on your tablet, your computer, or your smart phone. So it is just a great way to keep an eye on the things you love and cherish the most. And it so accurate, it is really wonderful.”

Available at Apple® or PocketFinder.com

Jolly shares where you can buy your own. “You can find it in Apple stores, or you can go to PocketFinder.com. It totally pays for itself in no time.” She ends with a last word on teen driving “and if you have teenagers that are learning to drive, oh my gosh it’s great. You can put it into the glove box, and if they speed it will send you an alert.”

Thank you Jennifer for your glowing review! Glad we were able to help locate your lost luggage!