West Coast Customs®: If you love it, locate it!®

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Admin

West Coast Customs Logo

PocketFinder® President, Joe Scalisi, said: “West Coast Customs® and Location Based Technologies is a perfect partnership. We’re both committed to quality, innovation, loyalty to our customers and have strong family values. We’re excited to co-brand with West Coast Customs® and look forward to working with Ryan and the team.”

Two Powerful Brands

West Coast Customs® has grown into one of the most powerful and recognized brand names in the custom automotive industry. They have franchises stretching throughout the world and various ventures across multiple media platforms. You may recognize them from the MTV® show Pimp My Ride®, TLC®’s Street Customs®, Street Customs Berlin®, and now with their #1 rated show on Velocity®, Inside West Coast® that reaches over 40 million homes.

Finding the Right Vehicle Locator

Ryan Friedinghaus, World Famous West Coast Customs® founder and CEO, and his crew had been looking for the right GPS solution for quite some time.

GPS Vehicle Locator “The Location Based Technologies partnership is an exciting addition to our aggressive expansion, and the value the PocketFinder Vehicle device brings to our business and customers is huge,” said Ryan Friedlinghaus. “It is the perfect solution to accurately provide the location, direction, speed and history of our vehicles; it’s small, easy to use and gives us peace of mind for us and car owners.”

Amazing Customer Feedback

We have heard nothing but great things from customers since we launched with Apple® at the end of 2011. Here is a little taste of what our customers are telling us about PocketFinder Vehicle Locators:

  • “I’ve been waiting for this to come out to put on my hot rod so I can keep tabs on it all the time. It’ll be nice to see not only where my car is-but where it has been!” – Michael M
  • “Now I look on my iPad and I know where my son is in 30 sec, what a life changing technology!” – Steven T
  • “I loved that there was no need for a user manual. All I had to do is set up the account, snap a picture of my vehicle and begin using it.” – Dave J
  • “The app is the best compliment to this already amazing product! It is very easy to pull up on my iPhone or iPad.” – Luc P
  • “Instead of calling my employee, I am able to look at the easy to use interface and know exactly where they are.” – Brent B
  • “And I can’t believe how accurate it is. All the information is there. I loved the zones feature and how I was able to create zones inside of zones.” – Paul R
  • “The user interface is really easy and intuitive. I get notified by text (or email if I choose) if the car goes over a certain speed limit of my choosing.” – Lisa P

PocketFinder customers love the new level of connectivity with all the people and vehicles in their life! It is easy to see why, with so many applications, the possibilities are endless with both our locators! Welcome West Coast Customs®!

Joe and Ryan
Pictured: Location Based Technologies® President, Joe Scalisi and West Coast Customs® CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus