GPS Articles

Below is a list of links to relevant articles about our GPS locators and the many ways they improve the lives of our customers.


People are finding just how priceless personal GPS locators are when you need to locate the things you love.

There are so many ways to use PocketFinder GPS locator devices and this article takes a look at a few more applications.

It’s hard sorting through all the technical differences between all the GPS locators on the market. This article helps you learn how to find the right device for you.

Time Management – Moms are using new technologies to help save time and sanity. Learn about three new technologies that help with time management, shopping and managing photos.


Pets are part of the family and losing one is truly a horrific experience. This article shows how dog owners are taking control finding confidence with a gps dog collar.

It is a fact that dogs have a tendency to get out of their yards or escape just when the door cracks open. There is an easy solution for finding them. Never post another sign again.


Cell Phones – The emergence of smartphones has created a boom in mobile apps and other capabilities from handheld devices. PocketFinder meets and exceeds that demand with the capability to turn your smartphone into a Cell Phone GPS Locator for on-the-go capability.


Young Drivers – Parents understand that summer poses additional risks for young drivers. Even if your young driver is responsible, it doesn’t mean other drivers are. Locators are bringing a little calm during a busy driving season.


Vehicle System – Parents and business owners are using GPS Tracking Devices for Automobiles to help them locate their loved ones and save money with their fleet management.

Business Use – Companies are finding they can save money and gain competitive advantages by using PocketFinder Vehicle devices for their logistics, trucking and fleet management needs.

Special Needs

This article highlights how GPS locators help those with special needs and how it gives their parents and caregivers more peace of mind.

Senior Care

Adult parents are busy but want to know their parents are safe. Senior parents want their freedom. Both can be happy with GPS locators that are empowering seniors.

Advances in medicine and lifestyles means that seniors are enjoying more longevity in their lives. It also means that there is greater opportunity for age related illnesses. PocketFinder understands there is a need to address both these situations and luckily our senior care devices work beautifully in both.