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App FAQs

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Mobile Apps

Introducing the easiest way to locate People, Pets and Vehicles while on the go. The PocketFinder 2 App is the most powerful GPS app available for iOS® and Android® devices. Locate your devices, create zones, set speed limits and manage your account all from your favorite devices. The website will work with Window’s Mobile and Blackberry as well.

See Multiple Devices

Quickly locate devices from your mobile phone with the Main Map Page or the Device List Page. Tap the avatars to see the device details.

Zone Alerts

Create “geo-fences” or zones around a home, office, neighborhood, city or state. Receive alerts when your devices enter or exit the zone.

Speed Limit Alerts

Set the speed limit for each device and receive a text message, email or push notification when your device exceeds the limit.

Review History

Easily review the 60 day history of each device on your account. You can see activity for each day as well as each hour the device is active. Changing dates is easy with the scroll wheel selector.

Additional Features

  • Manage multiple devices in your account from your smartphone.
  • Adjust account settings and manage power settings while on the go.
  • Limited Users can use the app to see specified devices.
  • Works with PocketFinder People, Pets and Vehicle.