Product Features

Access Data from Anywhere

PocketFinder is the industry leading personal GPS locator device that gives you so many ways to look up its location. You can log on to our website from any Internet-enabled device (any personal computer, laptop, or mobile Internet device such as a Blackberry® or iPhone®). You can also use text messaging on your mobile phone, or simply call the network from a cellular phone or traditional landline to look up your device’s location.

Small Size

Our family of personal GPS locator devices are the smallest devices on the market. This makes it easy to carry on your person or store in a purse, backpack, keychain, or for use as a gps dog collar or cat collar.

Real Time and On Demand

PocketFinder locators use the latest satellite and GPS technology. It allows you to instantly request the real-time GPS location of your device anytime, anywhere, with the greatest accuracy, to within a few feet of its physical location.

Set Zones

PocketFinder allows you to designate customizable areas or “Zones.” Once you have created a Zone, you can receive alerts whenever your personal GPS locator device enters or exits the Zone. Our unique system allows you to receive the alerts via text message, email and iOS push notifications.

Speed Alerts

PocketFinder lets you keep track of how fast it is going whenever it is moving. You can even set a speed limit for your devices and you will receive an alert once that limit is exceeded. PocketFinder Vehicle are designed as vehicle GPS tracking devices for automobiles and they are mounted to the vehicle.

Limited Accounts for Friends and Family

Create Limited Accounts and actively share information about your PocketFinder with whomever you want. When you create a Limited Account, you can decide who can check on the location of a specific PocketFinder device and exactly what information they can look up. Don’t worry – they never have access to your account information. Perfect for babysitting, dog walkers, and customers.

Up To 5 Days of Battery Life

On an average basis, PocketFinder’s amazing battery life means a single charge will last 2-3 days. However, depending on your settings, it can go up to 5 days. We recommend charging it like your cell phone, every night. You can receive an alert when your GPS locator is low on battery. The GPS vehicle tracker is attached to the car battery for full time power and includes a backup power supply.

No Information Overload

Our unique software information panel allows you to quickly find out everything you need to know about your PocketFinder devices in one quick glance. You will instantly see the nearest address to your device, its latitude and longitude, how fast it is moving and in what direction, and how much battery power your device has remaining. You can even obtain a trip count of how many miles the device has traveled!