Image: GPS Vehicle Trackers
Image: GPS Vehicle Trackers
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What Comes in the Box?

  • PocketFinder® GPS Vehicle Device
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How Big Is My PocketFinder®?

Image: Pocket Finder<sup>®</sup> is about the size of a set of keys.

The PocketFinder GPS Tracker is about the size of a deck of cards. It connects directly to the battery so you never need to worry about charging the device.

Dimensions: 2. 5" x 3.125" x 0.875"

GPS Vehicle Trackers

  1. Is your car still where you left it?

  2. Can you recover your car quickly if it’s stolen?

The PocketFinder Vehicle Tracker is the easiest and most advanced way to know where your vehicle is at all times and to quickly recover it if it is stolen.

Diagram for PocketFinder Vehicle Tracker


  • “Finally somebody made a device that helps keep my teen driver safe and alerts me when they speed, go past approved area, or get into an accident.” – Mark
  • “All my cars now have PocketFinders. App is gold…I originally bought one for my sons car. First for safety as he works late and I also wanted to give him a peer pressure out. Since then I now have one on my car as well as my wife’s. I can see where everyone is from my phone at anytime.” – James J
  • “I purchased and installed the PocketFinder in my mother’s car when she was first diagnosed with alzheimers. She has traveled out of her safety zones twice. With the help of the PockFinder and several police departments she was found and returned home safely.” – Cheryl from Pekin

App Screenshots

Locate All Your DevicesScreenshot of Map Page

See all your devices quickly and easily.

Speed Limit AlertsScreenshot of Speed Limits

You pick the speed limit and receive alerts when the device travels above that speed.

Advanced Features

Unlimited number of geo-fence zones. Receive alerts upon exit, entry or both.

Speed Limit
Set speed limits and receive alerts if the vehicle exceeds the limit.

Receive Alerts via email, SMS and push notifications.

View up to 60 days of location history with detailed information.

Direct power connection for full-time power with backup battery.

What Is It?

PocketFinder Vehicle is a GPS tracking device that utilizes the latest GPS, A-GPS and Cellular technologies to provide the location, direction, speed and history of your vehicle. You can track your devices and manage your account via the website or with the free mobile apps.

Keep an eye on your car even when you can’t check your account with Zone and Speed Limit alerts. Receive alerts via email, text message and push notifications when your device goes in or out of a zone or goes too fast. PocketFinder is also an easy solution for vehicle recovery.


  • Peace of Mind – Be confident knowing you can locate your valuable asset at any time. Whether it’s your car or who is in it, locate what you love.
  • Safety – If your vehicle is in an accident, you can know immediately where it is and respond quickly.
  • Fast Recovery – Works especially well as a car tracking device that can be used for theft recovery.
  • Versatile – Works with cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft and quads.

How Does it Work?

Each GPS car tracker can be installed in minutes by mounting the unit to the car and connecting one ground and one power wire. Once attached, the device pinpoints the exact location, heading and speed of the vehicle on Google Premier mapping. You can then access this data via the website or free mobile apps on iOS® and Android® devices.

The GPS Vehicle Locator itself works by utilizing motion sensor technology to locate every 1, 3 or 5 minutes – based on your preference. The motion sensor also knows when your vehicle is not moving and it reduces power draw to only 4 milliamps. This protects your car’s battery. The device has a backup battery that will power the device when the car is not on and notify you when full time power has been used up.

The easy to use web and app interface is feature rich and intuitive to locate one or all of your vehicles on one account.

Installation Guide

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