Image: GPS Pet Locator
Image: GPS Pet Locator
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What Comes in the Box?

  • PocketFinder® GPS Pet Locator
  • Battery Charging Base
  • Device Cover
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How Big Is My PocketFinder?

Image: Pocket Finder<sup>®</sup> is about the size of a chocolate and cream cookie.

PocketFinder GPS pet trackers are less than 2 inches wide and weigh 1.4 ounces.

GPS Pet Locator

What do you do when your dog runs off?

Can you find your dog quickly and safely?

Did the dog walker walk your dog?

Put your pet on the map and know when they get away from you! PocketFinder GPS Pet Trackers turn virtually any sized collar and harness into a GPS dog collar. Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and track them from our website or with the free iOS® and Android® apps.

It’s about Safety…Keep your dog safe by knowing when they run off and recover them quickly and safely.

How GPS Collar Works on Pets

Why PocketFinder?

  1. Control – You get full control over your pet.
  2. Safety – Keep your dog safe by knowing when they get loose and recover them quickly.
  3. Reliable – Rugged design means it’s reliable and accurate.
  4. Accurate Away from Home – You can still locate them even if they run far from home.

Perfect GPS for dogs 20 lbs and more.


  • “Having a PocketFinder on our dog helped save her life…this device has allowed her to enjoy the freedom of our property while allowing me the peace of mind of knowing she is safe.” – Moriah B.
  • “I have beagle mixes who are escape artists and love to roam. This product gives me peace of mind that I can find those rascals if they manage to go off on a great adventure…But, for me, this is THE BEST product I’ve ever had for my dogs. Knowing I can find them if they get loose is priceless.” – Shannon F. from Richmond
  • “Could not be happier with the product and customer service. My dog chases dear and elk all over our property in rural Colorado and it is incredible to have some piece of mind knowing where our beloved dog is.” – Patrick B. from Carbondale

Expert Reviews

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App Screenshots

Unlimited ZonesScreenshot of Zones

Create unlimited “Geo-Fence” zones and receive alerts when your dog goes outside the zone.

Alert SettingsScreenshot of Power Management

Enter your mobile number and email and receive email and SMS alerts.

Advanced Features

Know when your pet runs off with geo-fence zones around your home, neighborhood, park or office.

Speed Limit
Set speed limits and receive alerts if your pet suddenly starts moving faster than it should be.

Email, SMS and push notifications provide prompt alerts to keep you in the know.

View up to 60 days of tracking history to ensure dog walker does their job or pet is active.
Icon for Device ImageStrong Rugged plastics, water-proof and light-weight.

Adjustable power settings to extend battery life.

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