Why PocketFinder?

The world is a busy place with everything you love all in different places. How can you keep up? How can you keep everyone or everything safe? PocketFinder GPS location devices let you easily locate and stay connected with the people, pets and things you care most about. Here are some ways people benefit from using PocketFinders.

Control Your World

Do you want more of a sense of control over your world? Whether it be the kids at school, the dog at home, a car in the city garage or your luggage on a trip…PocketFinder lets you stay connectd with all that is important to you.

24/7 Knowledge

Stay in the know, even when you’re on the go! Mobile apps give you ability to know where your devices are located at all times and from virtually anywhere.


The devices themselves are rugged, water-proof and build to last. Long battery life means it will be working when you need it.

Enjoy More Features

PocketFinder brings you the most advanced features of any personal, pet and vehicle GPS tracking solution. You’ll enjoy all these features for a single flat rate:

Number of Location Lookups Unlimited
Mobile App Cost and Usage Free & Unlimited
Email & Text Message (SMS) Alerts Included
On-Demand Locates Included
60 Day History Included
Push Notifications Included
Unlimited Zones or “Geo-Fences” Included
Speed Limit Alerts Included
Number of emergency contacts Unlimited

GPS Locator Articles

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