Media and Reviews

The buzz is building around PocketFinder® and our family of GPS location devices. Since we launched with Apple®, various media outlets and tech publications have featured PocketFinder or reviewed our products and services.

You can find many of these reviews and media highlights by clicking on the links below.

11/14/2013 – New York Senator Chuck Schumer showcases PocketFinder GPS to the Department of Justice.

5/18/2013 – 5 Stars from

3/6/2013 – PocketFinder Pet Review on Good Day Sacramento

8/8/2012 – Rave review from Jack Cotter’s GadgeTell Review on Technology Tell

5/31/12 – New York Times – Review on PocketFinder Vehicle on

5/29/12 – PocketFinder Senior Applications on Blog

12/25/2011 – CNET – Full review from Antuan Goodwin on

Family – GPS Locating and Kids on