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The PocketFinder family of personal GPS locators allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing you can locate your loved ones, pets and vehicles. There are so many ways these devices can help individuals and businesses. Our mission is to keep families connected when they can’t be together and below are real-life success stories.

Real Words from a Real Family
The Tyson family was nice enough to share a full view of how the PocketFinder GPS locator has brought them piece of mind by always being connected with their son. Click here to read their story.

Keeping Teen Drivers Safe
“Some months ago we installed a Location Based Technology device in my sisters car after she was caught speeding on a dangerous canyon by our house. Two weeks ago, her boyfriend was speeding over that same canyon and was in a terrible, terrible accident. He was airlifted to a nearby trauma center, and is now in the process of recovering. He’s lucky to be alive. That could easily have been my sister were it not for the PocketFinder Vehicle GPS Locator mounted to her car. The Vehicle Finder was the only reason she stopped speeding.”

Fleet Location Made Easy
“I got this product the other day and it was SO easy to install and now I can see my exterminator trucks driving around.” – John Michaelson

Keeping a Housekeeper Honest
About a month ago, my mom had a suspicion that our housekeeper, was taking our family station wagon and disappearing for hours on end during the day. So, she bought a PocketFinder Vehicle GPS locator which I installed in our family wagon. My mother tracked our housekeeper for a month and confronted her two weeks ago. Of course, she lied about sneaking off, and when my mom said, “I know where you’ve been going”, she replied, “You can’t prove anything – it’s my word against yours!”. To which my mother responded, “wanna bet?”

My mother then marched her over to a computer, pulled up the PocketFinder website, and voila. Caught red handed. My mom said that she turned white when the screen came up with the all the digital bread crumbs. In fact, she was so stunned that she confessed to sneaking out because she was having an affair on her husband! Needless to say, my mother fired her on the spot.

I just wanted to thank you all again for bringing such an incredible, life changing, game changing product into our lives. It’s truly remarkable. – Greg

International – African Safari
“I was recently sent by my company outside of the UK into Zambia, Africa to meet with a client. For security purposes my company wanted to know my location at all times. I found PocketFinder on the web, they sent me one and it performed as claimed. I loved the device. Price is right, size is small enough to discreetly hold in a pocket and it’s very easy to use. I recommend it to my friends and can see its use in many applications. It gave my family and company piece of mind knowing where I was.” – Adam Taylor

PocketFinder Vehicle – Cross Country Journey

“My wife and I purchased the automobile version of the PocketFinder. We installed it in my in-law’s RV so we could track them on their cross country journey. It , knowing where they were at all times. It also helped us direct them to local stops, shops, hotels and interests wherever they went. If they wanted to take a detour we could tell where they were and update their itinerary on the fly. There was no need to yell into the phone endlessly and guess where they were.” – Tom Shim

PocketFinder Testimonial
“I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Pocketfinder. My wife and daughter were showing it to her friends and the moms at her school. They got a great response from the Pocketfinder and all the cool things that it does. Everybody loves the fact that you get text messages when the car goes over a certain speed limit. For my experience I love when I get a text when my daughter goes to a certain zone that I have setup. Thanks again!” – Mike Nguyen.

Staying Connected on a Second Grade Field Trip
“My son’s second grade class went on a field trip to a nearby “Enchanted Forest”. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but sent him with a Pocketfinder. He was thrilled that I would be able to see where he was throughout the day. I was excited because he is not always very aware of his surroundings and was almost been left behind on a previous outing (he was unaware that he was temporarily lost). I often checked in to see his location, imagining what he was doing. It was nice to know exactly where he was in that Forest.

When he returned home I was excited to hear all about his adventure. Of course his response to my question was a single sentence, “It was fun”. That evening we sat at the computer and pulled up his Pocketfinder history. As we looked at where he had been and the lake he had eaten lunch by the stories came pouring out. Pocketfinder gave me not only peace of mind while he was out, knowing that he could not get lost, but also allowed us to relive his adventure together. Without Pocketfinder I never would have heard all the detail that he shared as we looked at where he had been. Thank you for giving me one more tool to help my family stay connected.” – Moriah Berthrong

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