Getting Started – Account Setup and Activation

This page will detail the Account Creation and Activation process.

3 Easy Steps

To get started, click the link to go to the activation page. There are only three steps to complete and below is documentation on each page of the process.

Page 1 – Welcome Screen
welcome page

– If you are a new user, enter your email address. Then click the button next to “I am a new customer.” Click the NEXT button.
– If you are a returning customer, enter your email address and then enter your password. Click the NEXT button.

Page 2 – Account Information
Step One

– Simply type in the values that match the question or data asked on the same line.
– Your password must be 6 characters long. Be sure to write it down for future use.
– Be sure to click the button next to “I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.”

Page 3 – Billing Information
Step TWwo

– Again, type in the information requested on each line.
– “Province” is needed for Canada and International customers.
– International customers must also be sure to change the country value.

Page 4 – Activation Code
Step Three

– Type in the activation code of a product, one at a time.
– You can find your activation on the bottom of the product packaging or the back of the actual device.

Page 5 – Welcome Screen
This page is simply a confirmation and to welcome you to the PocketFinder family. We hope you enjoy knowing where the people and things you care about most are located.

Once your PocketFinder is successfully activated, AT&T will assign your device a phone number and it will begin downloading the latest firmware updates. Please ensure your PocketFinder is fully charged (approximately 4 hours) and take it outside for the first satellite connections. A 2G GSM wireless network is needed for the device to send its data from the satellite network to our servers. Please check your local wireless providers for 2G coverage in your area. You will notice that your locator will become more and more accurate over the first couple of days.


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