Getting Started – Charging and Locating

This page will outline the instructions for how to charge your device and obtain a locate for the first time.

Charging the Device

device charging
Either before or after you have activated your device and created your account, you’ll need to begin charging your device before it can obtain a locate.

To charge the device, attach the wall cube into a power outlet and attach the USB cable to the back of the charging unit. Then place the device into the holder. A light will appear when your device is charging. Reaching a full charge typically takes about 4 hours.

Waking Up the Device

Once your tracker has completely charged (approximately 4 hours), it will need to acquire signals from at least 4 satellites. The best way to do this is to take it on a 10 minute “walk” in clear view of the sky. The tracker will then send its location and speed information to your account over a wireless 2G signal. Each tracker has a motion sensor so it is important to take it off of the charger and move it around so that it knows you are ready for it to start connecting!

Satellite connections

It is worth noting that it may take up to a few hours for the device SIM to receive its phone number assignment, download the latest firmware and begin to connect with the satellite network. Once connected, it will begin its calibration or “fine-tune” its positioning and communication with the satellites. You should notice that the accuracy will improve over the first couple of days.

Wireless connections

Each tracker has an imbedded SIM card allowing it to wirelessly transmit the location data it obtains from the satellite network. A 2G GSM wireless network must be present for the tracker to send its current speed and location. If a wireless network is not available, the device will store each location in its memory until a wireless network is available and it can transmit its memory to your account.

Global Drift

PocketFinders utilize state of the art equipment and software to provide you with the most accurate locates. An accurate satellite connection is based on the number of satellites the device can connect with and how close these satellites are to the horizon. We are always moving and satellites are moving at approximately 1600 miles per hour. When satellite connections are limited by the device being indoors, sometimes a “drift” or inaccurate locate can occur.

For additional support information and answers to common questions, please see our frequently asked questions.

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