Getting Started – Get Familiar

This page outlines the steps needed to setup your ACCOUNT SETTINGS. These steps are relevant after you have activated your account and charged your device.

Account settings apply to the account as a whole. The section includes billing information, account information and contact book. Device specific settings include zones, speed limit and power settings are controlled on a device level.

Setup Your Account Settings

To get started, go to and use your email address and password to login. After logging in with your email and password, you will see the dashboard page. From there, click the “MY ACCOUNT” tab in the navigation bar.

Account Holder Information
Click ACCOUNT HOLDER INFORMATION. Update any of the information you’d like. This email and phone numbers will act as the master email and phone number for the account.

Contact Book
This is where you will manage your contacts. Contacts are used when you’d like to send and receive SMS or email alerts for zones or speed limits and to receive low battery notifications.

First, click “ADD A NEW CONTACT”. Then a new insert will appear that allows you to enter the contact information for the person you’d like to add. Once you are finished with entering the data, click ADD. Then you will see your new contact below and the ability to edit or delete that contact.

Account Billing
This tab allows you to change your credit cart information.

Next Steps – Device Settings

The next step will be to manage some of the device settings for your device.

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