Web Tutorial – Creating Zones

Below are the steps for creating a zone from the PocketFinder.net website.

Getting Started

Login to your account at www.pocketfinder.net.

Next you see the dashboard. Click the avatar of the device that you’d like to create a zone.

Then, tap the “Zones” button with the bull’s-eye.
zone button

Next, click where it says “Start Here” in the pop-up.
create zone

Step 1 – Setting the Center of the Zone

You can do this in two ways. First, by entering your address and clicking “Search for Address”.

The second way is to use your mouse to center the map by clicking and dragging the map. Once you have the map positioned so that the center of the map will be the center of your zone, click the green button that says “The zone is where I want it”. Then you will see a pop-up that says “You must pick a location for your zone to continue.” Now you can click the map a second time to position the “center” of the map. Once you do this, click the green button that says “The zone is where I want it”.

Step 2 – Set the Zone Size

Next, use the slide bar in the panel to increase or decrease the size of the zone. Once you are finished, click the green button that says “Set my zone’s active size”.
zone slider

Step 3 – Set the Zone Settings

The zone panel will now show you some fields for you to set the zone settings.

First, type in the name of the zone.

Then, select which type of zone you want from these options:

  1. “On Exit” – Alert is triggered when device leaves the zone
  2. “On Enter” – Alert is triggered when device enters the zone
  3. “On Enter and Exit” – Alert is triggered when device enters or exits the zone

Next, click where it says “Notification Contact”. This will drop down the options for you to set Email and SMS contacts for the alerts. Click the drop down menus underneath Email and SMS and select the contact you’d like to use.
contact info

Finally, click where it says “Notification Schedule”. This is where you can select a schedule for the alert to be active. The default is “Always Active” and you will see that the box is checked. If you’d like to set a schedule, uncheck the box and you will see more settings. Now you can uncheck the days you wish that the zone is inactive and set the time of day that you wish the zone to be active for the days that are selected.
zone schedule

To Save the zone, click the green button that says “Save and Finish”

Editing Existing Zones

You can edit existing zones by clicking “My Zones” in the toolbar area directly above the map and to the right of “Create a Zone” button.
editing a zone


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