The 100 deadliest days for teen drivers – is your teen safe?

Youth Traffic Safety

The Scary Facts

“Text messaging increases the chance of a car accident by 23X!” – AT&T CEO


4,000 US soldiers were killed in combat during a 4 year period. During the same time period, 27,000 teens between the ages of 15 – 19 died in car crashes.1


16,000 drivers were killed by handset use between 2001 and 2007. That’s over six people dying every day from cell phone related accidents.3



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Vehicle Locators and Teen Driving

Don’t Text Them – Track Them!

Parents Can Make a Difference

  • 66% of teens say they care about their parents’ opinion on cell phone use while driving 2
  • 56% of teens rely on their parents to learn how to drive 2
    Texting and Driving Infographic

    PocketFinder continues to support the National Organization for Youth Safety® in their effort to promote safe driving habits for teen drivers, all year round. Statistics show accidents spike during the summer months, so protect your family and loved ones when they are on the road this summer.

    Take the Pledge

    PocketFinder is working with local high schools to help parents and teens educate themselves on the opportunities to create safer driving practices. A pledge is a great way to get your teen to commit to practicing safe driving habits and to avoid the preventable actions that put them at risk.

    Below are different pledge documents to help build accountability and transparency for your teen as they commit to driving safely.

    Safe Driver Pledge Teen Driving Month

    Download the Pledge

    Full Safety Pledge Document
    Pledge Signature Pages

    Vehicle Locators Help Teens and Parents

    PocketFinder GPS Vehicle Locators bring peace of mind to the parents of first time teen drivers. The ability to locate a teen on the road, review driving history and receive any speed limit alerts gives parents the tools necessary to proactively teach their children how to drive safely.

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